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8th TUC Meeting - Social Network Benchmark: Interactive Workload

  • Posted on: 20 December 2016
  • By: Adrian Diaz

Arnau Prat, Lead Researcher at DAMA-UPC from the Technological University of Catalonia presented a talk on the Interactive Workload of the Social Network Benchmark. One of the key aspects of his talk was the introduction of the SNB Data Generator, tool that generates a Facebook-degree social network distribution (groups, posts, likes…). This synthetic social network follows the principle of homophily, isn’t uniform and allows a fair comparison and reproducibility of benchmark executions while being also scalable by using Apache Hadoop.

Arnau explains that the benchmark contains 3 types of essential queries:

  • Complex reads. The type of queries a user would to explore his or her neighbourhood. Designed to be interactive (<2 seconds).
  • Short reads. Introduced to balance the ratio of workload (complex reads vs updates). They allow the representation of simpler queries the website does to the database (e.g. click on a friend’s profile).
  • Update queries. Used to add content produced by the user to the website.

His team is working on the first final version of the SNB Data Generator and is looking for your feedback to keep improving it.

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Here's his presentation:


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